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It is a magical thing to overlook the sea on a sailboat at sunset. But for those who don’t have sailing experience, the first attempt can be daunting. What is a charter flight? Do you need a captain? The answer is that sailing is very flexible and there will have a trip, boat and destination that suit most people. You can go without any experience.

Staying on the boat for a week means you have to explore and bring your accommodations along. You can sail almost anywhere in the world, and you can explore the well-traversed tourist routes in a unique way that allows you to reach difficult or inaccessible places by sea.

You may have planned to go for an ultimate adventure in the sea, but you don’t know how and what should you pack? Even some experienced sailors have forgotten the important piece of item, but someone just hold enough T-shirts and shorts to spend on the boat. To help you figure out what sailing wear you should carry, we have listed must-have items for your sailing holidays.

No. 1 Quick Dry UV T-shirt and Shorts

When you are out on the water, it is important to wear clothes that protect you from the sun.

This quick dry UV T-shirt has rating of UPF 50+, which is the highest level of sun protection. The fabric blocks at least 98% of UVB radiation and 95% of UVA radiation. This guarantees the effective sun protection. It can be used in water sports or sailing. The density of the textile fibers filters out the UV rays and provides long-lasting protection even after being washed. This fabric is lightweight making it comfortable to wear during long periods of water sports. It is designed not only for quick drying, but also for absorbing moisture from the body to help you maintain optimal body temperature.

Besides, a piece of fast-drying and protective shorts is necessary for your sailing. The shorts will wick moisture away from your body and keep you dry and comfortable. With UPF rating of 40 to shield you in extended and moderate sun exposure. The outfit is very comfortable and convenient for your sailing.

No.2 Sailing Shoes

Before you go sailing, check if the shoes is suitable for you on a boat. The sailing shoes have three eyelets with padded collar for a more secure feel. The shoes come with in a variety of stylish designs. It is also breathable that won’t make your feet sweltering. They can match with any outfit while making you look stylish. The leather is durable with the lacing system which creates a secure and comfortable fit.

No. 3 Sun-protective and Waterproof Hat

Sailing means you will stand in the deck to breathe fresh air and feel the sea breeze, while the sun cannot be ignored. You also need to do sun protection for yourself. Wearing a hat is the easiest way to protect you from the sun, meanwhile, to block the water and the rain. The bucket hat for sailing is nice idea for sun protection. You can choose a nice bucket hat for any kinds of water sports, such as surfing and sailing.

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