What is the Best Sailing Hat?

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Sailing hats are an important accessory that helps protect your skin from the sun. Wear a sailing hat along with a pair of sailing sunglasses to get an extended protection from the sun and the UV radiation. Sunglasses can block the UV rays and protect your eyes, while a sailing hat protects both your eyes and your skin.

Good sailing hats also have UV and UPF rating to ensure the sun doesn’t do any damage to you. Although you don’t have to choose a sailing hat, it is highly recommended because you cannot escape the strong sunlight. Whether on a boat or in the water, everything around you will reflect sunlight back onto you. It’s hard to avoid, but a top rated sailing hat will reduce your exposure to the sun and give you some protection.

As for how to measure the protection level of the hat: on the one hand, you can measure it through the UV and UPF protection level of the hat; on the other hand, the style and design of the hat will also affect its protection level. Most sailing hats have UV and UPF number within their labels. This number tells you how much protection your sailing hat gives you. The design of the hat also affects the level of protection, but it doesn’t come with a rating.

The sailing bucket hat is designed to be more protective than the boating caps because the brim goes all the way around the hat, which can cover your face, eyes and neck. The most popular sailing hat will always be a popular choice for people who like sailing events. Sailing hats offer excellent protection, featuring with versatility, durability, function and style.

The best hats are also great gifts for sailors and boaters. Here we have found some best hats for sailing.

This hat is specifically designed for boating and sailing, which is made of lightweight and quick-drying nylon with water-repellent ability. It comes with a sweatband to wick away moisture and a chin cord that you can attach it to your shirt or collar to avoid it from blowing away by the strong wind. The hat features a close-fitting shape making it stay secured on your head.

The hat offers you a full coverage that protects your face, ears and neck. It features a long back flap that will cover your head, face and neck that makes it a very suitable hat for surfing and sailing. There are also some mesh sides panels that allow air pass through the fabric to provide good ventilation. And the sweatband wick moisture away from your head to keep your head cool.

This sailing hat has wide brim that offers better protection for you. It is constructed of 100% polyester which is durable and quick-drying. The elastic closure helps you adjust the hat to fit your head. With UPF rating of 50+, it will block 98% of UVA and UVB rays from your skin. Besides, its chin cords ensure the hat stay put on your head even under the wind. And an internal sweatband will wick away the moisture to keep your head cool and dry.

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